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The Interesting Geography

Windsor is the most southern city in Canada, so it has very mild Winters compared to the rest of Canada. 

Unfortunately, the southern location means that Windsor is a long way from some other parts of Canada.  It takes 4 hours to drive to Toronto, or 35 hours to drive to Vernon.  John and Cathey have driven those trip many times, and LOVE it.  There are lots of interesting and beautiful things to see in Canada. (Did you know that pelicans regularly fly to Saskatchewan?!)

Windsor is right on the Detroit River, so it's part of the area known as the Great Lakes Region.  There are five Great Lakes.   Four of them, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario are shared by Canada and the United States.  The fifth one, Lake Michigan, lies entirely in the U.S.

By the way, the Great Lakes really are Great.  For comparison, Lake Okanagan is about 4 kilometers wide by 90 kilometers long (from Penticton to O'Keefe Ranch).  Lake Erie is at least 85 times bigger.  It's 80 kilometers wide by 390 kilometers long.   And Erie's not the biggest one.  Lake Superior is so big that it holds more water in it than Lake Okanagan plus all the other 4 Great Lakes together. 

If you want to know more about the Great Lakes, TV Ontario made a really good documentary called Great Lakes Untamed - Source To Sea. It's about one hour long but it's really interesting.

The Windsor riverfront is a long beautiful park, with fountains, sculptures, festival plazas, and views of downtown Detroit in the United States.  

If you are interested, there are quite a few Youtube videos made by people enjoying the Windsor waterfront, including this one.

Windsorites sometimes get to see the ships, called freighters, that move huge amounts of bulk materials like wheat, rice, iron ore, gravel, or even road salt.  Most of the freighters stay in the Great Lakes region but some of them came all the way from the Atlantic Ocean.

Sometimes even cruise ships come along, taking people on long visits of the Great Lakes cities.

Windsor is across the river from Detroit, United States.  

632,000 people live in Detroit.  Vancouver has 662,000. Windsor has 229,000.  Vernon has 45,000. Kelowna has about 200,000.


Everyone knows that Canada is north of the United States, right?  Well MOSTLY that's true, but when you're in Windsor you're actually SOUTH of Detroit!

As you can also see in the map above, Windsor is not far from Point Pelee National Park.

Some cool things about Point Pelee National Park.... 

That's enough about Windsor's geography. Because it's time to talk about...

The Interesting Things To Do in Windsor

The Interesting History of Windsor

226 years ago, in 1797 - The Village of Sandwich was established.  It got renamed as City of Windsor in 1854.

225 years ago, in 1798 - Duff-Baby House was built in Sandwich

156 years ago, in 1867 - Canada became a country, and Ontario became a province

152 years ago, in 1871 - BC becames a province

137  years ago, in 1886 - Vancouver becames a city

131 years ago, in 1892 - Vernon becames a city

Some other interesting history of Windsor:

Here's the cannon left after the wars of the 1800's.

Here is a ferry docked on the waterfront, unloading railway cars from Detroit.

The Interesting People of Windsor

Windsor has had a lot of celebrities, sports figures and other notable people.  

But the most notable people are waiting to see you... so we can hang out, Do and See things, and celebrate that we have each other!!

Get here Safe.     And Soon!!

Oh ya, we'll also have a special treat or two...